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Sapori in festa is a wine-and-food festival where a number of the best restaurateurs and viticulturers, coming from the central part of the Abruzzo region, offer their dishes and wines in stand set out in the squares of the charming village of Pettorano sul Gizio, along a route that will allow people to gain a deeper knowledge of its artistic and architectonic attractions.

Pettorano sul Gizio

The fortified village of Pettorano sul Gizio (625 m above sea level) is part of the prestigious association “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (The most beautiful villages in Italy). It lies, surrounded by a stunning scenery, on the Colle della Guardiola, a mountain overlooking the river Gizio. Its territory, which is included in the Majella National Park, encompasses the Riserva Naturale Monte Genzana e Alto Gizio. Pettorano sul Gizio had a remarkable development during the Middle Ages under the rule of the Cantelmo, a ducal family.
The built-up area is dominated by the stately Cantelmi Castle (14th-15th centuries) with its massive pentagonal tower. The main doors to the village are still well preserved. Among the many monuments and palaces, the most important are: the Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace, 16th-17th centuries), whose atrium contains the splendid 16th-century fountain; the beautiful church of San Dionisio and the magnificent monumental fountain in Piazza Umberto I.